Unbelievable! Clean your womb with this and get pregnant in less than a month (VIDEO)

Infertility is a problem that many people have faced, but unfortunately, they do not know it is due to some things that need to be cleaned out of their stomachs.

Cleansing or detoxifying is a way of removing the unwanted materials in your body and making it fit to accept anything positive.

Guava leaves are a great source of supplements for C, calcium, B2, niacin, E, and magnesium.

Guava leaves have folic acid also known as “Supplement b9”, which is essential for the female and contains the plastic needed for the design and formation of the fetus.

What is the best approach to making Guava leave drink?

Plug about 10 guava leaves, wash them to clean them of any dirt.

Use hardened steel pot, not silver to put water in a pot, and give it to fizzy.

Empty the leaves into the water and stick them in the air for a few moments until the water turns green or brownish.

Take the pot out of the fire and absorb the liquid. Drink one cup before you eat in the underlying part of the day and one cup before you rest towards evening. It’s consistently repulsive Check Out For The Video Here

Note: This is for both men and women, and it works great.

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