Touching Story Of How First Black Man Who Got Admitted To American University Was Forced To Sit Alone

The conference has grown each year, Moore said — its first students are now graduating or transitioning into graduate or law school, and the conference makes it clear that it welcomes young men from outside the African-American community. The conference sparked a companion event for young women, the Sylvia A. Lewis Women’s Leadership Conference, which honors the first African-American to serve on the OU Board of Regents.

And as of 2016, the conference for men bears a new name: the George McLaurin Male Leadership Conference.

“We talk to them about the importance and the history of people like George McLaurin and Dr. (George) Henderson and Sylvia Lewis and Ms. Fisher,” Moore said. “We talk about the significance that people like that have played in the university and letting them know that they’re standing on the shoulders of giants, and George McLaurin and Sylvia Lewis were just two of those giants that they’re standing on the shoulders of.”

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