The Best Android Smart phones With The Best Battery Life

We’ ve seen more than a couple of studies confirming that smartphone users care about one thing most: battery life. It may be quite the ordeal, however, to figure out the best Android phones with the best battery life, has come to detail out The Best Android Smart phones With The Best Battery Life It’ s not just how much juice can be stored in a battery, after all: software and related hardware also play into it. In our testing, we have seen some phones with high- capacity batteries fare dismally, while some phones with relatively small batteries have done exceptionally well. The top 3 best Android smartphones with the best battery life are outlined in this post.

  1. Realme X2 Pro: Seeing the Realme X2 Pro on this list shouldn’ t be too surprising. As far as we’ re concerned, the X2 Pro is one of the best all- around devices ever released, offering great specs, awesome features, and a very competitive price.

It’ s also, on top of all that, a phone with some of the best battery life we’ ve ever seen. Although there are other phones with larger battery capacities on this list, the Realme X2 Pro pushes its 4, 000mAh package to the very limits, giving the user enough juice without a charge to easily power through a full day.

  1. Oppo Reno Ace: Seeing the Oppo Reno Ace on this list of the best Android phones with the best battery life should also not be too surprising. After all, focusing on how long the battery lasts and how quickly you can charge it back up was the whole marketing plan for the phone!

If you’ re getting a sense of déjà vu, though, we’ ll clear the air for you: yes, the Oppo Reno Ace looks a lot like the Realme X2 Pro. Yes, the two devices even have a similar spec sheet. This is because Realme is a sub- brand of Oppo (which itself is a sub- brand of BBK), so lots of resources get shared between the two companies.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Now that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is officially out, there are probably not going to be too many of our ” Best of” lists that it will not appear on. The superphone is a beast of specs that is literally the best of the best in nearly every way.

It’ s pretty much a given with that in mind that it will be one of the best Android phones with the best battery life. Its massive 5, 000mAh capacity almost ensures that you get through at least one day before you need a charge, and the Android skin of Samsung, referred to as One UI, does a pretty good job of maximizing performance while not sacrificing too much power.

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