See The Country That Rub Themselves In Mud As Festival Celebration Video

With a festival to celebrate almost everything from fireflies and ice fishing to bullfighting and bodypainting, there’ s no shortage of mass festivities occurring at any given time in South Korea. But perhaps no other event rivals the country’ s Boryeong Mud Festival in terms of international attendance, government spending, and good clean (or should we are saying dirty) fun.

For two weeks every July, thousands flock from around Korea to Boryeong, a small, sleepy town situated on the country’ s western coast for the Boryeong Mud Festival, or Mudfest’ s colloquially called.

Even more, fly in from overseas, some traveling from as far as Europe and Americas, to experience some good quaint mud wrestling, mud sliding, and dirt swimming– activities that constitute what has in recent years become the amount one Korean festival to go to.

But the favored event, which rakes in many dollars in revenue annually, has more humble beginnings. When it had been first established in 1999, the festival was intended to market cosmetics made up of the region’ s mud. Consistent with event organizers, Boryeong mud is high in minerals, especially germanium and bentonite, and it emits large amounts of far- infrared rays, which are particularly beneficial for the skin. It didn’ t take long, however, for the Spring Break- Esque beachside party to outshine the mud beauty marketing.

This year, Mudfest will run from July 21 to 30, but to experience it all together with its glory, make sure to schedule your visit during a weekend when the only noteworthy events and activities happen.

Spread throughout Daecheon Beach and downtown Boryeong, the festivities generally begin within the morning, when tourists are ferried in by the busload and are dropped off at the beach, which is carefully prepared with many muds tracked in from the region’ s mudflats.

Various areas– some free, some requiring admission fees– are equipped with mud pits, mud fountains, mud pools, mud massage zones, and even a mud prison, all of which are bound to have you ever looking sort of a mud monster by the day’ s end. A one- day pass will get you into all or any of the ticketed events and areas, like the inflatable playgrounds, obstacle courses, mudslides, and races. Regular tickets are 10, 000 Won for adults during the week, and 12, 000 won on the weekend and may be purchased at the festival or beforehand online.

In addition to muddy merriment, there are many squeaky clean events to partake in, like fireworks displays and live performances during the festival’ s opening and shutting ceremonies. This year, K- pop superstars Psy– singer of the 2012 blockbuster ” Gangnam Style” – and IU will host free stand- alone concerts on July 25 and July 28, respectively.

Other highlights include the festival’ s Black Eagles Show with the Korean Air Force and a slew of parades. Those within the mood for a friendly sports match can partake in the Beach Mud Football Competition at the Citizen Tower Sandy beach site on July 29.

Boryeong is also home to various nightlife venues starting from Korean BBQ joints and seafood restaurants to bars and noraebang, so it’ s highly recommended that you stay overnight to urge the complete Mudfest experience.


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