See The Ceremony In Madagascar Where They Remove The Dead Body After 7years And Dance With Corpses!

There are so many ceremonies in the continent of Africa where that very ceremony is being celebrated and loved by the people who owns it.

One ceremony cited by our media us what we bring you this time.

Dead body” means a human body or such parts of such human body from the condition of which it reasonably may be concluded that death occurred.

Imagine dancing with a dead body 7 years after death. Many of us our hair is likely to rise as most people won’ t want even to hear stories on death. Such is a culture which is considered in Madagascar. So how is it done? please come along.

The tradition, called ” famadihana” in Malagasy, is sometimes referred to as ” dancing with the dead, ” ” the turning of the bones” or ” body turning, ” according to The practice, it involves exhuming the bodies of the dead, rewrapping them in fresh cloth and then dancing with the wrapped corpses before returning the remains to their graves.

The tradition is practiced in the island nation, on the country’ s high plateaus. sounds frightening right? ? ? Though the medical fraternity are fading it away as it poses a risk. removing infected bodies from graves poses spread of diseases.

For instance, ” If a person dies of pneumonic plague and is then inserted in a tomb that is ready for a ” famadihana” ceremony, the bacteria can still be transmitted and contaminate whoever handles the body, “

If one day you will be going to Madagascar be sure to experience this. Though it is not much common nowadays. What would you do if you were invited to such a ceremony my reader? ? ? Will you Go? ? please drop your comments below.

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