See 10 Underwater Pictures That You will Find Difficult To Believe

Since the exploration era, whereby the scientists showed keen interest in exploring the world rather and making innovations, various discoveries have been made in the Sea, and due to lack of understanding of things back then, a lot of misconceptions were made.

This includes the various fake sightings of sea monsters, devils, etc because all these sightings were probably those of dolphins, sharks, and other big marine animals, hence there was a need for more digging to be done. This continuous exploration led to the discovery of various other sea relics, sculptures, and even historical pieces of evidence and tombs.

Yet, there are structures so deep under the water that it defies the logic of being washed or thrown into it, the arrangement and orientation will suggest that these structures had been made by people who live under the water.

But is that even possible? How then can this be explained? The truth is, the earth rotates about its axis, and the earth mass (land) shifts over the years, according to explanations given by geologists, the continents used to be together as a stretch of landmass, but as time went by, they began to drift apart.

Therefore, this can provide an explanation for the structures that are often found deep in the oceans– they could have been cities that were once on the land but were overturned by the ocean tides, and the structures remain underneath the water.

Thanks to the invention of submarines, U- boats, and underwater cameras that can dive deeply into the abyss of the sea, more and more discoveries have been made as the researches continue.

Below are some of those amazing pictures that have been taken under the ocean by Marine explorers over the years.

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