Nnengi and Dora finally Revealed who they had feelings for while in the house

It is safe to say that the last episode of the Big brother Naija reunion show was quite intense for both the fans and former housemates. One could see the tension in their faces as we watched and interestingly, their tension seemed to have been radiating as the moments passed into the final hour of the show. However, questions went around from one housemate to the other, including the very few that have since been a subject on social media for both positive and negative reasons. Though it seems as though the conversion and the buzz online are mostly or basically revolving around the Supposed love triangle between “Ozo, Dora, and Nnengi.”

After posing a question about the Supposed live affair between Ozo and the two women mentioned above, it seems as though secrets and uncomfortable words began to fly around, and it wasn’t something that particularly made these three very happy. One could tell from the looks on their faces that they are on the edge, and would simply like for the conversation to stop. Though the conversation is the whole point of the drama that was set up to ensue right from the beginning of the show. So basically this review will be focused on the “Ozo, Dora and Nnengi” drama.

It was understood from several questions, and outside opinions that there seemed to have been a love triangle, some sort of a three-way, “love way” between Ozo, Dora, and Nnegi. Though when asked, Ozo denied this and stated that he had no conversations that could even remotely sound like an attempt to date her rather, he saw her as a friend, and their conversations revolved around their friendship. What I find interesting was the question, “do you think you put her at a bad spot?” a question I believe Ebuka asked strategically, one that also made Dora chuckled in a sinister way. She was obviously uncomfortable with Ozo’s answer, which was a “No.” he didn’t believe bringing his relationship drama with Nnegi to Dora, put Dora in a bad spot with her fellow housemates.

While in the house, I thought of Ozo as a calm and collected person, but this episode may have thought me that there isn’t such a thing. Well, at least not completely, because honestly, his actions were quite ridiculous. He should have known that Dorothy had feelings for him, as Ka3na said, “she was convinced that they were both sharing affections.” This makes you wonder why a man of Ozo’s supposed stature and maturity would go on ahead to share his relationship drama with someone who clearly feels something for him.

It was obvious that most of the housemates saw at some point that Dorathy had feelings for Ozo, for him not to have noticed is to either be quite unaware of his surroundings or intentionally ignorant, in a game plan of his choosing.

This brings me to what Ka3na said. Oh dear old Ka3na with her accent, reminded me that there is a possibility that Ozo liked Dorothy’s personality but wasn’t quite into her physical structure. Well, this might have been true, though I believe Dora to be an amazing woman who looks exceptional by the way, but not everyone sees through the lenses I use, and Ozo could or is one of those who have a different opinion. As for having feelings for Dorathy, I can’t be sure, but he definitely went after her like a lost puppy whilst in the house. Quite confusing trying to understand Ozo and his intentions right? But then again, it was just a game.

Though Dorathy stands differently. In fact, she took a different point, saying that she had no feelings for Ozo and that she actually was into Prince. Quite a twist, one that I am sure many of us find very hard to believe. But hey, it’s her feelings right!

If Dora says she isn’t into Ozo or that she really liked him as we have been led to believe, why then does she have such dislike for Nnengi? Well according to her, she says we can blame that on Ozo, who constantly comes to her telling her about what Nnengi did to him and that as a friend, she couldn’t help but feel a bit of dislike, wondering, In her words, “what’s wrong with that babe.” So perhaps we should blame Ozo for the enmity?

Ozo was obviously under a lot of fire, it was quite sad watching him, someone some of us respected, being thrown under the bus. And sadly, he deserved it. According to Dora, he heard from Nnegi and told her, whilst also taking what she has to say to Nnegi. This was after Dora gave Wathoni a “shut up” in an aggressive manner by the way.

Nnengi on the other hand seemed calm, quite mature, and amazing in her way of handling the issue, as she watched prince speak. He stated that he felt Dora had no feelings for Ozo but of course it is his opinion until viewers got an interesting conversation that Ka3na had with Ozo in a hotel room, outside the house. Apparently, Ozo wanted to make Nnengi jealous as an act of revenge. Oh!

What I find interesting is the great reveal, the part where we got to find out that both Dora and Nnengi had affection for the same person. While speaking, Dora claimed that she had feelings for Prince and not Ozo. It was quite interesting to see that Nnengi said something similar. While she spoke about who she really liked, she claimed that she had grown to develop some kind of feelings for Prince while in the house and that she saw Ozo as a friend.

However, Nnegi revealed that she felt Prince wasn’t loyal, and that she simply didn’t trust him enough in the house. She cited an example, of an incident that happened in the house, where prince supposedly heard something bad about her, but rather than come to her, she simply ran with the story.

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