Meet Arya Permana The Fattest Boy Who Managed To Lose 120 Pounds Weight

13- year- old Arya Permana from Karawang, West Java in Indonesia who weighed 190kg deterring him from doing ordinary errands. But he is no more the world’ s fattest kid after a remarkable transformation. He forfeited more than half of his body weight after a gastric bypass surgery and personal workout. He was encountered with difficulty in walking or doing anything that children of his age would effortlessly do.

After the surgery, Arya began training regularly and developed eating a healthy diet. He replaced eating sugary food for fruits and vegetables and made sure that he had good nutrition. Professional bodybuilder Ade Rai who oversees Arya is among his massive supporters. Ade has been assisting Arya in this route since he secured the attention of the media in 2016.

Arya lost the weight after going through the diverse process. From medical processes, check- ups, diet programmes, work- out disciplines and plastic surgery. He was 193kg at the age of 13 when he started the weight loss workout. Over an interval of four years, he lost more than 120kgs and is still experiencing a lot of treatments.


According to Arya’ s parents, originally he weighed 85kg before his craving heightened incredibly. By early 2016, weight increase and associated medical issues had prevented him from attending school. As a result of medical concerns, Permana was placed on a rapid diet plan in order to lower his weight by mid- 2016. [ While this diet reduced his weight and allowed him to return to school, [6] continued hunger and further medical concerns prompted a sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This has successfully reduced his weight by 20 kilograms (44 lb)


He is now losing weight without losing his spirit. This is an extraordinary trait, mostly among adults. Arya is now an emblem of hope. People now say: ‘ Even Arya can lose weight, so why can’ t I? ‘ ” He is reckoned to have another surgery to reduce the excess skin.

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