How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips With These Home Remedies

Dark lips are nothing fatal, however, it is not the actual color of the lip. The lip gets darkened when it is either exposed to the sun, dehydrated, and filled with dirt. Smoking is also a factor of darkened lips.

However, there are some remedies you can adopt from home to keep your lips in their pink and fresh state.

The first is to exfoliate the skin of the lips with sugar. When skin becomes dry and dead makes the skin look dull and dark and due to this, exfoliating the skin of the lips is a good way to remove the dead cells. You can put some sugar on your finger and add some water and begin to scrub the lips.

Others also use the brush with the sugar sprinkled on top, however, use a soft brush or brush softly to prevent any sores after scrubbing.

Secondly, you can also use honey. Honey has the ability to draw out moisture to the surface of the lips and heal any damaged skin cells. This reduces the effects of sunburns on the lips and prevents chapped lips.

Third, on the list is cucumber juice. Many beauticians have been known to be using the substance on their faces. Slice the cucumber to get the juice out of it and then apply it to your lips and see some interesting results in a few weeks.

Fourthly, using olive oil is also another good way for lip cleanliness and health. The benefits of olive oil range from that of the skin to the hair. You can mix at least one-half teaspoon of sugar and get a few drops of extra virgin olive oil then scrub the lips in a gentle manner with the mixture once a week for better results.

using pink lip cream is an easy way to go. The cream contains chemicals that lighten up the lips, however, you must be careful to not accidentally lick your lips.

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Licking the lips gets some of the chemicals onto the tongue then upon swallowing, you will end up with health issues.

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