Here Are Three Women You Will Not Believe Actually Exist

Here Are Three Women You Will Not Believe Actually Exist <Watch Video>

There are countless extraordinary women out there that it is difficult to limit them down. These ladies may appear to be unique from the majority of us but however they are making their imprint and telling the world that the word difference is a lot than it actually means. Some are distinctive by birth and some are also by decision yet they all offer in a remarkable way of life. Here are ladies you will have a hard time believing exist;

Kristina Rei

She is 22 years of age and works as a nail tech. It is accounted that she has the biggest lips on the planet after more than 100 silicon infusions through plastic surgery. She concedes being a fanatic however as a citizen of Russia she says that it’ s genuinely normal. Think of her as odd, but she wouldn’ t see herself the way you do

Mikel Ruffinel


This lady has the world’ s biggest hips. She was born into the world in the year 1972. Mikel holds the record with a 8ft hips. She said she started to gain weight after her first child yet before that she was just a normal person. To keep up her present load at 420Ib, she eats 5, 000 calories every day. This actually doesn’ t clarify how the entirety of her weight goes to her hips. It is deemed weird for how large a woman’ s hip could actually be.

Kayan lady

The Kayan individuals of Thailand practice a remarkable culture of wearing rings to prolong their necks. The rings are really one long twisting that pushes down to their shoulders just causing their necks to show up longer. From the picture in the article, you would realised that you haven’ t set eyes on a human with such long neck but surprisingly, they do exist.


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