Does Your Phone Consume Much Data? Use This Simple Trick

The only way you can browse the internet, send messages and even stream online is by use of mobile data bundles. Purchase of data bundles are in different ways ranging from this that last for 24 hours, those that last seven days and those that last for a month.

Many people prefer purchasing data bundles that last for a month as they have proven to be abit cheap as compared to daily purchases. However, it is a bad feeling to notice that your data bundle becomes exhausted even before a month comes to an end and this could really be frustrating as you will have no option but to purchase others.

This would be more expensive and with this article, i’ m going to show you how to lower your data consumption so as to ensure that it lasts for the period of time you want.

First, turn on the background data restriction usage on your phone. In order to do this, click on your phone’ s settings and scroll to the mobile data and services and click. By doing this, you will automatically be ahown the apps that consume alot of data in your phone.


Click on the app and you will be shown the ” restrict background data usage” and by turning it on, the app will no more consume the data. You can do this to all the apps that consumes data yet are of less importance to you.

Secondly, Set your phone’ s data limit. By doing this, you will be able to know the amount of data you consume per a given period of time. By determining your phone’ s data rate consumption you can be able to stop excessive data consumption on your phone since you have the ability to do it.


In order to do this, go to your phone’ s settings and click on the network settings where you will be sbown the option of data usage. Kindly click on it and simultaniously click on the data warning and limit where you will be required to set the limit to the amount of data you would want to use within a specific time span.

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