Do The Following In Order To Make Your Mobile Data Last Longer

According to statistics, over millions of people all over the world are making use of a smart phone and verily I say unto you that almost it not all users of Smart phones surf the internet every day. But surfing the internet wouldn’ t be possible if there isn’ t any mobile data available on such phones or any form of data connection. & nbsp;

The mobile data we are talking about here is like a phone charger, you know without your phone charger you can’ t power your phone battery so is the data, without any mobile data you can’ t surf the internet. The mobile data have its denomination starting from the mini plans down to the monthly or yearly plans this is where you see different network provider selling their mobile data at a specific price according to the one you can accommodate.

Now that we have an insight of how the mobile data works let’ s get to the main topic.

You will agree with me that there are sometimes where you’ ll subscribe for a data plan that is supposed to last up to a month or so but within two weeks the data subscription got exhausted meanwhile you regulated the way you make use of your mobile data, why is this so?

Some mobile users even go to the extent putting blames on the network provider but it shouldn’ t be, the problem is from you, your phone to be precise.


How do you stop this? Good question.


Go to your phone settings, then navigate it to data usage, there you’ ll see how you used your mobile data. The first thing to do is to switch the data saver on like I did below.

Secondly, you need to know the apps that are using much data on your phone, to do this click on App data usage. There you’ ll see the apps that are using much data, knowing this you’ ll try to adjust the usage of such apps.

In addition, set your data warning and limit. How does the data warning works? Let’ s say you have 1gb mobile data on your phone you can just set the data warning at 500mb, once you use your 1gb of mobile data up to 500mb a notification will be sent to you warning that you’ ve exceed the normal data usage. So as the data limit too.

If you can make use of all this steps you’ ll see there will be a change in the way your mobile data last long.


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