DISAPPOINTING! Peter Of P-Square Accuse His Twin Brother, Paul Of Betraying Him, Here Is What Really Happened Between Them

The whole music industry was in total shock when it was announced that one of the most popular and leading music artists in Nigeria, P-Square where splitting. For many years, P-Square reigned the music industry, particularly because they are twins and they seemed to just be a perfect twin.

When they split, different versions of what really happened were reported.

Here, Peter talked about some of the things Paul did to him which eventually frustrated him to leave.

Their misunderstanding is so bad that both Peter and his twin brother Paul aren’t even in talking terms.

Peter narrated some of the things that had gone wrong between them saying;

“I told Jude (P-Square’s elder brother and manager) he needs to step down as our manager because I didn’t ‎want to disrespect him as a brother, but this is business, (and) we have to structure it. And Jude said to me that there’s a way I (should) talk to him, (he threatened to) slap me. So I kept quiet.”

“So, a few hours after,‎ Paul came to me and said if I want to step down it wasn’t a problem, but it meant that he (Paul) would go solo. The first time word got out about P-Square breaking up, a lot of people called us; senators, governors, and people

“In fact, three of us were once in a private jet to go and see someone who wanted to resolve our issues, and we didn’t speak to each other throughout the flight. At the end of the day, I swallowed my pride for peace to reign and allowed Jude to remain as our manager.”

Now listen to this, P-Square featured on songs with J-Martins, Bracket, LKT, 9ice and these four songs were done by Paul alone, but guess what, did I appear in the videos? Yes.


“Now hear this, we have other collabos with Kaha, Darey, Ruggedman. I did these songs alone. How come they don’t have videos? Paul refused to appear in the videos.

“So I told Paul that when next he does a collabo alone, he should be in the video alone because it got to a point where artists began to feel if they did a collabo with Paul it (would) get a video, but if it was me, it (wouldn’t) get a video.

“The last collabo we did was with Flavour and I refused to do another one. Even Flavour had to speak all the Igbo he knows to convince me before I agreed to do it. Only for my brother to come and tell me that ‘Shey I thought you said you won’t appear in any video I did the collabo alone? Why did you appear on this one?’ I was sad but I knew another one will come.”

Peter also recalled an incident with Mavin Records’ Tiwa Savage who had, apparently, done a song with Paul.

“I went to the Mavin studio to meet Tiwa. When I got there, she asked for the CD (of the song from Paul) and I told her Paul didn’t give me any CD, so I called him again and gave the phone to Tiwa and (he) told her on the phone that the CD is at Omole, so I got into the studio, recorded my verse and when I finished, everybody was clapping. I was surprised to realize that Paul had (told) them that I don’t sing or write songs.

“I felt really bad and betrayed, but I covered up for him. I jokingly asked Teebillz if they gave him Red Label and he said yes, so I was like you guys caused it, and we laughed over it. So when my assistant went to pick up the CD, Paul and Jude started shouting at him to ‘ask Peter what is he doing at the Mavin studio? He knows how we wor

The next day, I went to Paul and told him how I felt when I heard what he said. Only for Jude to say that he made Paul the lead singer of P-Square eight years ago. A leader leads, he doesn’t destroy.”


This is not a good thing to here and although Peter feels betrayed and heartbroken, a lot of people would still love to see them back together as a team.

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