Dear Parents, How to know is your Child has been Watching Rated Contents On Their Phone

You could probably be thinking your children are saints and can’ t do this, trust me, you are deceiving yourself. The rate at which young boys and girls watch blue films is becoming alarming. Here are five ways to know.

  1. Two calculators: Dear parents, if your child has up to three calculators on his or her phone, something is definitely wrong. Let me explain myself very well, let’ s assume your child is a science student and has a scientific calculator on his phone, it’ s normal. However, if your child has another calculator aside from the one that came with the phone, challenge him on it’ s usefulness.

This is simply because what you see as calculator is not calculator in the real sense. It’ s an app that can be used to save some secret videos. Funny enough, when you click it, it Will work like a normal calculator. Only your child will know how to enable the hidden features

2: Muted WhatsApp tvs: There are tons of tvs on WhatsApp that post blue films. That is basically what they do Everytime. Tvs like These are usually rated 18+ but they don’ t ask for age in most cases, so someone below the age can have Access to these tvs.

Our children are very wise, so what they do is that they mute WhatsApp tvs like this so that you won’ t even see their statuses. This is another trick most of them use.


Too much password

If you observe that your child has passwords everywhere in his or her phone, then there is something he or she is hiding. People who have movies like this on their phones in most cases. It’ s actually normal to have your phone passworded at least for privacy. However, if everywhere on a phone has passwords, then something is fishy.


Parents should take note of this, the fact that your child has many passwords doesn’ t mean he or she is into it. Some just like making sure their phone is well guarded.

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