Can You Worship In This Church? This Is What You Didn’t Know About Satanism

Can You Worship In This Church? This Is What You Didn’t Know About Satanism

Can You Worship In This Church? This Is What You Didn’ t Know About Satanism. Photo|Courtesy

Just the mention of the word Satan alone has a lot to do with someone’ s life. This is because, Satan is the most feared being among Christians. Mentioning Satan in Christian life will just but attract curses. No one will want to be identified with this being called Satan. Now imagine a church called the church of Satan. When some are accepting Jesus as their personal savior, we have those that accepting and embracing Satanism. No one will ever desire to be identified with this thing we call Satan.

In this article therefore, you will find out that we have got this church called the church of Satan. To them, Satan is the supreme deity who deserves worship. They have a belief in three core values namely faith, individualism and free will. To them therefore, there is no existence of God the Father. Whoever created them is left for them to answer. We might not know why they rejected God openly. There is a reason for everything. A toad does not run in day light for nothing. Its either the toad is after something or something is after the toad.


So, the church of Satan or let’ s say Satanism has some sects that are actually notorious.

For instance, we have this group which identified itself as the ‘ Beasts of Satan. ‘ They did one thing that actually confirms they belong to the devil. They committed murder which is highly prohibited in the Holy Book of God the Father. History says they committed murder between 1998- 2004 in Italy.

We have this believe they call ‘ Order of Nine Angels which actually affirm and confirm that human sacrifice is accepted and has got nothing to do with denial of human rights. They affirmed this practice in the early 1960s. Since then, they have been widespread and therefore had to come up with the church of Satan in 1966. Its unbelievable fact that we have got people who attend services in that church. Every church of whichever kind can never lack the congregants.


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