Anambra state youth cries out see why(video)

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Anambra state youth cries out as their land and houses were ripped off

Youth in Anambra stated were recorded crying bitterly after their houses and landed properties are been rendered useless by heavy rain fall which has brought down three story buildings, two primary school buildings,some shops and a dublex at the corner of the scene down to its grounded level.

And it has really affected the mass leaving around mentally, physically and financially.

  • The youth leaving alongside nkesi alori in Onitsha has at the exact scene has donated money within their range to lay block at the scene but when the rain comes again, it washes everything down and also cause more damages

Anambra state youth was heard in the video begging the government to at least come to their aid before it brings down another nearby house around the area, which in the video seems to be many house nearby to be damaged if not properly taken care of.




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