A Tribute To Hollywood Actor Van Damme! An Actor That Will Never Be Forgotten

When the world is pleased with you, there must be an acknowledgement of gratitude

In Nigeria, Hollywood’ s actor Van Damme, is a household name. He is one man noted for his breathtaking movies right from the 90s.

According to Wikipedia, his real name is Jean- Claude Camille François Van Varenberg

He was born on the 18th of October 1960, the year Nigeria had her independence.

Van Damme as he is popularly called was born in Belgium. He is a man who began martial arts at the age of ten, majoring in Karate and Kickboxing before he earned his black belt in karate at the age of 18.

His records have it that when he was at the age of 16, he decided to learn a sport called Ballet, which he studied for five years.

Van Damme however once revealed that the Sport Ballet is one of the most difficult sports in the world but it is also an art.

He was quoted saying that if any man should survive a work out in Ballet, then that person can survive a work out in any other sport.


Obviously, Van Damme is one man that hasn’ t failed to impress us on the screens, especially during fighting scenes.

He has acted numerous movies, and has also won so many awards due to his contributions to the Hollywood movie industry.

It is because of the likes of Van Damme that we have Karate schools all over Nigeria and in Africa, as may young people now look up to him as an inspiration.

Notwithstanding, Van Damme has also been the architect of many Nigerian and African children loving the sport, Ballet.

Van Damme’ s contribution to entertainment is enormous. To this end, we took time to pen down this wonderful tribute which is an acknowledgement of gratitude and respect for him.

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Note: Tribute is an acknowledgement of gratitude to a person. It does not mean that a person must be dead first before a tribute can be written. Van Damme is very much alive, and we wish him long life and prosperity.

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