4 Lies About Pregnancy You Should Not Believe

Babies are gifts from God. How can there be a baby without pregnancy? This makes pregnancy an adorable thing. Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, a lot of caution must be exercised. As if that is not enough the expectant mother undergoes a lot of physical, emotional and hormonal changes. All this make the process of pregnancy a complex one and the issue of pregnancy a sensitive one due to the varying dos and don’ ts and opinions surrounding it. Here are widespread pregnancy myths you should not fall a victim to.

Eating for two

There is no doubt a pregnant woman is holding another human in her womb but that does not require her to eat a double portion of her usual meals. A pregnant woman does not have to eat for two. Instead, she has to pay critical attention to what she eats and ensure that her meals are balanced and very nutritional.

This myth implies that a pregnant woman should eat for three when carrying twins or eat for four when carrying triplets, that’ s ridiculous. As a pregnant woman make sure your food is rich in protein and other key nutrients.

Do not exercise


During pregnancy, a lot of actions may be harmful to the expectant mother and her unborn baby but that does not imply that a pregnant woman should be inactive throughout her pregnancy term. Moderate levels of activity such as normal house chores are perfectly okay.

Exercise can be very beneficial and make labour quite easy. Fitness trainers can also guide you on the right amount and type of exercises for every stage of your pregnancy. You do not have to become immobile during pregnancy, get moving for a healthier you and a healthy baby.

Avoid lovemaking during pregnancy


This myth stipulates that lovemaking should be avoided during pregnancy, why? Because it will harm the baby, this is untrue. The unborn baby is guarded by the amniotic sac and uterine muscles. However, when having intercourse during pregnancy, care should be taken and certain positions should be completely avoided.

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