The Six Richest States In Nigeria

Nigeria is substantially blessed with a number of herbal sources and a huge populace to make use of the sources.

Emijoemedia draft out the Richest State in Nigeria

Here are the pinnacle six richest States in Nigeria.

  1. Kano

Located withinside the Northern a part of the Country. With a populace of 11million people, the State have a GDP of $12. 39billion. They get their sales from agricultural merchandise along with skin, hides, pepper, gum Arabic, garlic, soybean, groundnuts and so on.

  1. Imo

Located withinside the South East. The State is wealthy in Natural Resources, like zinc, lead, herbal gas, limestone, great clay, herbal gas, crude oil. The country has over 163 oil wells. The GDP is about $14. 21billion. They are frequently into manufacturing of oil(palm oil) and businesses.

  1. Oyo

Located withinside the South West. The important a part of their economic system is agriculture. They produce cashews, cocoa, plantain, yam, millet, mazie. The State has a GDP of $16. 12billion.

  1. Delta

With a populace of 4. 1million people, Delta State is wealthy in Natural Resources, limestone, ornamental rocks, kaolin, lignite, silica. The kingdom is one in every of the biggest manufacturers of crude oil withinside the country. The State GDP is $16. 75billion.

  1. Rivers

River State has a populace of 5. 2million. With a land mass of 11, 077KM, the State produce greater than 60% of crude oil in Nigeria. They also are into fishery due the State being near Atlantic Ocean.

The first at the listing is going to,

  1. Lagos

The maximum evolved State in Nigeria, and the predominant economic centre withinside the Country. It is the smallest State withinside the Country. With a land mass of 3, 577KM. The State has a GDP of $33. 68billion. We all aren’ t even suprise reason the State can run on its very own with out sales from the Federal Government, So from this stat it the Richest State in Nigeria

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