The First Person To Receive The Mark Of The Beast On Earth

This Question has been bordering the world about the Mark of the beast of who first received it on earth.

But the answer to this questions is Yes, someone first received it after creation.

So From the onset of the Universe, it’ s explains that, anyone who receive the Mark of the beast will be perish forever and for eternity too.

Now let’ s take time to read this revelation.

We all knows that before creation there was a gargantua war at Heavenly place Between our Creator and His son Lucifer (Bright Morning Star). And Lucifer and his followers lost the fight.

But before then Lucifer was an Angel but due to his Stubbornness pride for his father’ s seat or to be like Daddy, Our Creator cursed Him and Burnished him and his followers from heaven.

So from this onset of this story, He was the first person to received the mark of the Beast from heaven because of pride, so Biblically He became the head of all the other beasts.

But after creation we could realize that we had one. And He was the first person to received the mark of the Beast because of his wickedness, and him too same pride, when you read all the chapters under Genesis.

Who is this person?

God didn’ t create man for the purposes of killing each others, but because of our desire to listen to Satan that brought about sin in all Mankind. And even for that, God has given us another chance, so that we may all be set Free to join him in the heavenly place.

Now, when you read the story of ” Cain and Abel” , you could see that, it was because of pride that led him to murder his own biological brother. And after that when God ask him about his brother He was given unnecessary answer By saying that ” I don’ t know” because of pride.

So God decided that because of what Cain has done to his brother by killing Him, and the first person to murder, Anger filled our creator so HE gave him a mark.

And according to scripture, it states that ” God place a mark on him so that no one else will even wants to kill him” Genesis 4: 15.

But through revelation it was out of anger that God release that mark on him, which was the ” Mark of the Beast” . Because he was the first person to kill his own biological brother.

So Biblically and through revelation, the first person on earth to receive the mark of the beast is ” Cain” .

Believers let’ s continue to learn, because there are so many Revelations which is in the Bible hidden.

Is all about Mathew 7: 7. So with faith you too you can save a soul. And as the second coming is near let’ s prepare our self for the Lord’ s coming.

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