Once you notice you are having frequent urination, please reduce your intake of these six things

Frequent urination means that you have to be visiting the bathroom so much more than you usually do and this occurs to a lot of people. Although most individuals may see it as a normal thing but the truth is, urinating frequently is very abnormal, especially when you do it more than 7 times, a day. According to scientific research and studies, the normal number of times a person ought to urinate a day is between 4-7 times.

People who urinate very often are usually unhealthy because, it is a sign of life threatening diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, urinary bladder problems, high sugar level, prostrate cancer, urinary tract infection and lots more. These ailments listed above usually starts with frequent urination as one of the warning signs and symptoms.

So if you notice that, you’re urinating frequently and more than 7 times per day, then there may be a problem or a serious illness building up in your body system. If possible try as much as you can to see a doctor or visit a clinic to have a test. And of course, let’s not forget the fact that, the foods and things we take into our body system are the major causes of these diseases that starts with frequent urination. See some of the food causes of frequent urination below;

1. Spicy food.

A lot of people are huge fans of eating spicy and peppery foods. Any thing they cook including rice, noodles, spaghetti, beans and others are filled with pepper and spice. This is very unhealthy and it results in abnormal urination.

2. Alcohol.

There are some people who cannot do without drinking alcohol on a steady and regular basis. Alcohol causes the likes of kidney failure, high blood pressure, prostrate cancer and others and one of their early symptoms is frequent urination.

3. Ice cream.

Ice cream is delicious and loved by so many people around the world, especially young ladies and children. However, taking it excessively has dire consequences such as frequent urination.

4. Soft drinks.

Soft drinks are meant to be taken once in a while for bliss and enjoyment, however, most people abuse its use and drink them almost all the time. These carbonated drinks are bad for you due to too much sugar, sweeteners and other factory processed nutrients. Excess consumption of it leads to frequent urination.

5. Chocolates.

Chocolates are also one of the major foods that causes frequent urination among different individuals, especially ladies and young children.

6. Energy drinks.

This type of drinks contain a lot of compounds, excess sugar, sweeteners, amino acids and taurine. And taking them excessively is extremely unhealthy to the human body. Regular consumption of it leads to frequent urination and may cause discomfort to your kidney and livers.

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