Five Homemade Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples (Acne) From Your Forehead And Face

Pimples also known as Acne can be very irritating and uncomfortable if seen on the face or forehead. A lot of people who have its feels awkward within and could do what ever it takes to get rid of it at all cost. Some could go as far as buying drugs, tubes, gel which could affect their sensitive skin causing bleaching and black head on their skin. Thus, making it look more irritating to the sight.

Pimples or Acne is mostly common among adolescent who are in their developing age; but you will agree with me that an adolescent at this age, wishes to have a flawless skin. But when they observed one or two Acne developing, they become disturbed pressing and looking in a mirror all the time to get rid of it and wishing it disappears.

It is also common among expectant mothers and women who are pregnant or in their monthly flow.

Pimples or Acne is a common skin condition which developed as a result of clogged pores when exposed to dust, impurities, pollution or excessive Sebum production. It is seen on the face or forehead as small, red inflamed boil or bumps which can sometimes be painful.

Generally, Acne can be caused by lack of maintenance of good hygienic practices like regular washing of the face, hormonal changes and the use of somebody cream or gel or even stress.

The following are simple homemade ways by which you can get rid of Acne or pimples from your face and forehead:

1) By applying Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera gel has a good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which makes it fit for the treatment of Acne. This is done by cutting some pieces of aloe Vera, cut it open to extract the gel, use a spatula or finger and rub it on the affected area then, leave for 10-20 min and rinse off.

2) By applying a mixture of honey, milk and lime:

A mixture of honey, milk and lime does wonders in the treatment of pimples or Acne. These constituents have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and also remove black head left the acne has been treated. Take a small quantity of skimmed milk, add honey and lime then mix thoroughly to form a paste then, use your finger and apply it to the affected area and allow it for the next 20 to 30 min.

3) Avoid constant touching the young development acne; One way to prevent Acne is to avoid touching the face regularly this could trigger the development of more Acne.

4) By applying baking soda:

Baking soda is an effective method of treating acne permanently this is because it is antibacterial properties and dries off the face easily. This is done by taking up to 10g of soda and mixing it with a small quantity of water to form a paste then apply it on the affected area for at least 10min the washed.

5) The use of vitamin C;

This is an anti oxidant which boost the immune system and causes the healing of pimples as fast possible. You can also get the vitamin C supplements to boost your immune level.

With any of the above method, you will be free from Acne or pimples.

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