FIGHT. Sad! Both died while in a bloody fight watch video

Emijoemedia detail on bloody fight neighborhood battle

The battle that lead to their death

The two men on the video are leaving in the same compound, the both of their wives starting in an ending argument to an extend of both of their husband bought the case from them and started piercing themselves with bottles


On what is seen in the video from the starting of this very fight it seems a neighbor of theirs was trying to settle the incident amicably and every thing seems settled not until the black guy came from behind and starts fighting the fair guy and uncontrollably they bursted into bloody combat that ended I tears, During the incident the both wive that was queering couldn’t control their husbands and those neighbors seen on the video was later seen running away because of the bottles and other deadly weapons both were carrying in their hands at the scene and the injuries they have given to themselves is beyond human measure.

The black one later slumped and died instantly while the white man was carried to the hospital and he died while receiving treatment in the hospital.


.the fight was brutal


The video


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